Professional Breath Coaching Certificate Programme

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The Breath Coaching Certificate Programme is a DIGITAL PROGRAMME you can finish without leaving your home!

When registered, you can continue and get your certificate in your own pace and schedule. You will have ONE YEAR to finish the training and requirements. You will be meeting with your team and our Master Teachers at The Mentoring Sessions every week for two hours, during this intern.

To get your certificate, you will be asked to;

  • Finish watching all of the training videos,
  • Answer the questions at the end of every level,
  • Attend The Certificate Programme Online Mentoring Sessions LIVE, at least ONCE A MONTH,
  • Finish your assignments,
  • Send your reports,
  • Finish reading The Course Book,
  • Finish reading The Suggested Books,
  • Finish reading Course Articles,
  • Finish Two Written Exams,
  • Record 12 session videos and send them to us.

And you can do all of these in your own time!

The Breath Coaching Certificate Programme is a 400 hours programme and it is 3800£ in total.

You will receive an ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited certificate by The Breath Coaching Federation which is aligned with The Graduate School Of Behavioural Health Sciences, International Breathwork Alliance and IBF (International Breathwork Foundation).

In this programme, you will be learning a lot about BREATHING SCIENCES and if you would like to continue your journey and become a CERTIFIED BREATH ANALYST as well as a CERTIFIED BREATH COACH, you can join our training programmes organised by The Breathing Sciences Faculty, at The Graduate School of Behavioural Health Sciences. The Breath Analyst Certification Course is an online live course.

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THE BREATH COACHING CERTIFICATE PROGRAMME is the most advanced training programme you can ever get on breathing so we suggest you taking the time and registering when you have at least 10 hours weekly to continue your Breath Coaching Education.

When you are done with your registration, you will have a user name and password and be able to start right away, when the programme is ready.



Topics covered:

What is Breathwork?

Different breath work modalities and their purposes,

What are Breathing Techniques?
Specific breathing techniques for specific symptoms,

  • Breathing Sciences
  • Breathing and Respiration
  • Respiratory Physiology
  • Psychophysiology of Breathing
  • Dysfunctional breathing habits,
  • The triggers, motivations, gains and history of dysfunctional breathing habits
  • Breath Analysis,
  • Why is breath coaching important,
  • What is breath coaching,
  • Breathing sessions with different intentions
  • Intention Building
  • Goal setting
  • Coaching
  • Morning exercises, toning,
  • Mental Fitness Exercises



Topics covered:

  • Fundamentals of Breath,
  • Fundamentals of a breath session
  • Respiratory Chemistry
  • Breathing Mechanics,
  • The Importance of Nitric Oxide
  • The Importance of Carbon Dioxide,
  • Airway,
  • Lung Capacities,
  • The Diaphragm and how it works,
  • ABC of a breath session
  • Breath Analysis
  • Different breathing habits and what they mean
  • How to work on breathing habits,
  • How to analyse the breath,
  • How to activate the breath,
  • How to integrate the breath,
  • Natural Breath,
  • Activated Breath,
  • Integrated Breath,
  • Three Levels of a breathing session,
  • Body Mapping,
  • How to work with specific symptoms,
  • How to work with elders, children and pregnant women,
  • Consciousness,
  • How consciousness affects breathing habits,
  • The importance of consciousness of a breath coach,
  • The Importance of Surrendering,
  • How to set intentions for the session,
  • Conscious Breathing,
  • Mindful breathing,
  • Balance Breath
  • Diaphragmatic breathing and many more breathing methods



Topics covered:

  • What is coaching,
  • What is not coaching,
  • Powerful questions,
  • Attitude of a coach,
  • Coaching skills,
  • Flower Coaching,
  • Intention Coaching,
  • Relationship Coaching,
  • Mindfulness,
  • Designed Alliance,
  • Miracle Consciousness,
  • The Difference Between Coaching and Therapy,
  • The Wheel of Life,
  • Four Stages of Learning,
  • Discovering Values,
  • Aligning goals with values,
  • How to Create Working Action Plans,
  • Leadership coaching,
  • Core Beliefs and how they affect our lives,
  • How to work with core beliefs,
  • Behavioral Habits,
  • How to coach people with dysfunctional behavioural habits

Course Features

  • Duration 400 hours
  • Time
  • Day of week
  • Skill level All levels
  • Available Seats

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