Breath Coaching: Why & What?




Why breath coaching?

Breathing and its potential affects on our lives, positive and negative, are enormous. Appreciating this enormity is significantly enhanced by learning about the amazing physiology of breathing, which together with understanding breathing as motivated behavior, can account for the profound and far-reaching effects of breathing on health and performance.

Breathing is different from respiration. Breathing is a behavior. It is learned, motivated, it can change, can be relearned by attention, perception, memory and personal history.

Self-defeating learned breathing behaviors compromise physiology, psychology, health and performance.

Learned dysfunctional breathing has a major impact on multiple physiological systems, resulting in symptoms and deficits, usually attributed to other causes, by clients and their health practitioners, rather than to learned behaviors and responses that may account for them.

Learned dysfunctional breathing habits are an enormous challenge. Statistics show that millions of people suffer with profound and misunderstood symptoms of learned dysfunctional breathing habits. Unfortunately, these habits are rarely identified by practitioners and their effects mistakenly attributed to other causes, and their resolutions prescriptive in nature where focus is on symptoms rather than on causes.

Habits go unrecognized. Because breathing is not regarded as a behavior.

Breath Coaching is a strong process that allows people realize their dysfunctional breathing habits/behaviors that effect their lives negatively in every level (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) and learn new breathing habits/behaviors.

During breath coaching clients discover how they have learned to breathe, how their breathing effects them, and how to effectively self-regulate breathing behavior based on learning rather than on prescriptive exercise.

Breath Coaches;

-       Assist clients in learning new habits.

-           Do not involved in diagnosis or treatment.

-           Work with clients who subscribe or register to learning programs.

-           Work with their clients together in a partnership.

-           Coach clients to do the work on the field, at home or work.

-           Emphasize on what clients learn, not what they do.

-           Are client centered and learning oriented, rather than therapist centered and treatment oriented.

-           Offer breathing sessions, respiratory fitness sessions, classes, workshops, seminars and work with educational capnography.

-           Work with biofeedback professionals, dentists, chiropractitioners, coaches, psychologists, nurses, physiotherapists, yoga teachers, orthodontists, neurologists, fitness trainers, athletic coaches, pharmacists, cardiologist, oncologists, midwifes, gynecologists and many more.




What is Breath Coaching? What is not Breath Coaching?

What is not Breath Coaching?

Breath coaching is now confused with breathing techniques systems. First of all, let's define what it is not;

Breath Coaching is not a technique and it cannot be ‘’taught’’ by one instructor coming up on stage and explaining it.

Breath coaching sessions cannot be performed alone.

Breath coaching is not a doctrine.

Breath coaching is not a therapy.

Breath coaching cannot be performed by learning from a book.


What is Breath Coaching?

Breath Coaching is a system that analyzes breathing as a form of a behavior. Breath Coaches analyze the breath, find out the dysfunctional breathing habit and coach the clients in learning new habits.

Most of us learn dysfunctional breathing habits in our childhood as a form of self-developed behavior.

Breath coaching sessions are studies where the breath is analyzed while our clients breath deeply from their mouths. Taking deep breaths is not only necessary but also very much needed fort he breath coaches to see what’s going on wrong with the breath. After analyzing the breath, the breath coach coaches the client using different, necessary systems such as body mapping, reverse breathing or over-breathing.

Breath coaching sessions must be live, face-to-face sessions. During breath coaching sessions, the breath coach actively works on the body with his / her hands while analyzing the breath mechanically, using affirmations throughout the session.

The breath coach analyses the breath by using a special (educational) capnography, EMG and HRV system and starts working with the breath mechanically afterwards. Breath coaching session lasts at least 1,5 hours. While lying on a mattress and the eyes are closed, the session continues with the accompaniment of music and the coach.

Breath Coaching is an CCE accredited coaching system. The dysfunctional breathing habits are identified through chemical, cellular, biological, physiological and mechanic analysis systems. Breath analysis has to be done during breathing from the mouth mechanically and using an educational capnography, EMG, HRV system on a deeper level.

The breath coach works with the physical, emotional and psychological level, so the breath coach should have the knowledge and equipment necessary for these studies.