Breathing has been used a healing modality for ages. We see breath in the oldest civilizations as well.


Most of our knowledge about the advantages of breathing comes from ancient Eastern philosophies. The power of conscious breathing has been used in the East for centuries as a tool of spiritual enlightenment. The interest in the mind-body connection and the research in this area are spreading far and wide in the West. Western researchers have discovered that changing our breathing habits also changes our minds and feelings...

Yes, we can change our chemistry, our emotions, our attitude, and even our appearance by changing the depth, rhythm and speed of our breathing. And by changing our breath, our point of view can change. We can either be positive or negative in our life experience. That’s why in eight days it is possible to improve our life dramatically.

In a physical point of view, our breath is our connection with life. We can live for 30 days without eating, 3 days without drinking water; but we will die in three minutes without breathing. And if do not use our full breathing capacity, if we do not breathe right, our body cannot get the oxygen it needs. It is not surprising that so many people are feeling tired all the time. However, the solution is as simple as consciously getting rid of your dysfunctional breathing habits.

Our breathing pattern can be reprogrammed and our respiratory muscles can be re-trained. After doing this, our life can only be full of joy, vitality and energy.

When you have an open natural breath;

It’s possible to be…

Young, Energetic, Shiny, Healthy and Happy





There are many positive effects of breathing consciously.

1. Recent research shows that 70% of the toxins we take each day are discharged with breath!

2. Deep and full breath also massages and strengthens visceral organs and abdominal muscles.

3. Research also shows that heart patients who learn the diaphragmatic natural breath can significantly improve their heart health.

4. Researchers have proved that high blood pressure and anxiety can be minimised by conscious breathing.

5. In addition to the physical benefits of effective breathing, some specific breathing techniques may also be directed at emotional stress.

In group and personal breath sessions, we observed that 90% of the diagnosed people have dysfunctional breathing habits. 

People after a breath coaching session experience;

• More physical and mental energy,

• Less criticism,

• Being happy,

• Mental openness and clearing,

• Strong connection with God and universal energy,

• Plenty of joy - getting and giving joy and love,

• The complete disappearance of emotional and physical suffering,

• The bad habits are completely gone,

• Finding answers to tough questions about life,

• A healthier and energetic life.