Code of Ethics

BCF is committed to maintaining and promoting excellence in breath coaching.

Therefor, as BCF experts and members we have ethic principals.

BCF Core Values define breath coaching to provide appropriate guidelines and standards for breath coaches.


1.  Breath Coaching is a multidisciplinary system influenced by breathwork, coaching, respiratory science and behavioral science.

2.  Breath Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought provoking and breath/behaviour analysing process that inspires them to learn new breathing and behavioural habits for full potential.

3.  BCF Breath Coach agrees to participate in full accountibility to the BCF Code of Ethics.

4.  Client: the person who is being coached.

5.  Breath Coach: the expert on breath analysis, breath coaching, coaching and breath behaviours.

6.  Student: A person who is enrolled to a breath coaching training programme.

7.  Conflict of interest: A situation which a breath coach has a private or personal interest that influences the objectives of his/her duties as being a breath coach.

8.  Professional breath coaching relationship: A professional coaching relationship exists when coaching includes an agreement that defines the responsibilities of both parties.


BCF Standards of Ethical Conduct

As a breath coach I;

1.  Conduct myself in accordance with BCF Code of Ethics in all interactions including breath coaching, and supervisory activities.

1.  Commit to take appropriate action with the breath coach, trainer, will contact to BCF to address any ethics violation whether it involves me or not.

2.  Communicate and create awareness in others, including organisations, coaches, who might need to be informed of the responsibilities established by this code.

3.  Make verbal and written statements that are true and accurate about what I offer as a breath coach.

4.  Recognize and honour the efforts and contributions of others.

5.  Recognize and work on my personal issues.

6.  Will be conscious about any conflict of interest and open to discussing it with authorities.

7.  Honor my relationship with my clients.

8.  Ethically speak true to my clients.

9.  Carefully explain what breath coaching is, in detail.

10. Have clear coaching service agreement with my clients before beginning breath coaching relationship and donor this agreement.

11. Setting clear, appropriate boundaries that govern interactions.

12. Avoiding any sexual or romantic relationship with current clients or students. And I will be alert to address any issue if I see any possibility of this happening around my team.

13.  Encourage the client at all times.

14. Maintain the strictest levels of confidentiality with all clients.

15. Have a clear agreement when acting as a breath coach.

16. Commit to a continuing education on developing my skills as a breath coach.

As an BCF breath coach, I acknowledge and agree to honor my ethical and legal obligations to my coaching clients at large.

If I breach any part of BCF ethics, I agree that BCF in its sole discretion may hold me accountable for so doing. I further agree that my accountability to BCF for any breach may include loss of my BCF membership.