Private Session

Private Session


The Assembledge Nomad
114 E 25th St, New York, NY 10010

May 21, 2019 / 9:30am

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Breath Coaching Session

What is a Breath Coaching Session?

Breath Coaching Sessions are the safest and easiest way to health and peace. Breathing Coaching Sessions work on three levels; Body, mind and spirit.

In these sessions, breath coaches analyse dysfunctional breathing habits and support their clients learn functional, healthier breathing habits. When the body learns functional breathing, the mind starts changing as well. Most people reach higher levels of consciousness.

How does it work?

When dysfunctional breathing habits are analysed, triggered and unlearned in the sessions, the breather starts learning new, functional, healthier habits which lead to a huge increase on oxygen levels in the blood and in our cells. When we have more oxygen in our blood and cells, our overall health starts changing. Our cells rejuvenate, our bodies become younger, healthier, fitter. We have more energy, more health and we feel much fullfilled, which leads to getting free of any addictions we might have on the physical level.

When we start breathing functional and when our respiratory chemistry is aligned with our breathing mehanics, due to the physiological change in our body chemistry, our pyschology starts changing as well. Our minds calm down, we start feeling more positive, peaceful and balanced.

Do I have to work with a breath coach to have a breathing sessions?

If you are only interested in the experience of a breath session, which is called BREATHWORK, you can practice it alone. But if you are interested in changing your learned behavioral habits on your breathing, getting an analysis, working on what is dysfunctional, you can only do that with a breath coach.

If you are interested in unlearning dysfunctional breathing habits and learning functional, healthier breathing habits, which will change your overall health, vitality, thinking habits, physiology and psychology, working with a breath coach is needed because the breath coach needs to be there to analyse the dysfunctional behavioral habits learned in your breathing and work on your physiology to change them. Since these habits are learned mostly unconsciously, its not possible to change them by ourselves. We need a breath coach analysing and working on our habits.

How are Breathwork Sessions and Breath Coaching Sessions different?

In breathwork, we focus on the experience of our breath. Consciouss connected breathing leads us into an experience of higher consciousness. Our energy levels change, we feel better, our perception shifts and many interesting things can happen in a breathwork session. Whereas in a breath coaching session, the breath coach will not be interested in your experience but be more interested in aligning breathing mechanics with respiratory chemistry, which is a whole different concept.

A breath coaching session starts with deep consciouss connected breathing as well, that is why people think breathwork and breath coaching is alike, but the aim of the session is totally different. Breath Coaches are trained with basic Behavioral Science Rules to analyse, trigger, work on dysfunctional breathing habits and support their clients in unlearning those habits, whereas in a breathwork session the breath facilitator does not interfere with the person’s breathing at all.

What do people experience by having functional breathing habits:

Happiness, peace, balance and fullfillment

Better physical and mental health

Freeing from addictions

Being less judgemental

Stronger immune system

More success, wealth and better relationships.


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A breath coach can tell everything about your life, your thinking habits, your behavioral habits when he/she analyses your breathing habits!

How is that possible?

How would that not be possible? 😊 BREATH IS LIFE. How you breathe is all about how you live your life. If you are breathing shallow, you are not empowered, if you are breathing too fast, you will have a hard time slowing down, if you are breathing too much in the belly, you will have sleeping disorders…


That is why breath coaches say ‘’Change your breathing and your will change your life!’’

What happens in a breath coaching session?

You will be lieing on your back, on a comfortable mat, with closed eyes, bending your kness. Your breath coach will ask you to start breathing real deep from your mouth and you will continue breathing from your mouth, taking deep, connected breaths throughout the whole session. The reason breath coaches ask their clients to breathe deep from their mouth is because they want to see what the client is doing dyfunctional on the deepest level. If you were to breathe from your nose and less deep, the breath coach would not be able to see some of your dysfunctional breathing habits and would not be able to work on them. Mouth breathing and deep breathing is necessary for the session because the breath coach is trying to trigger any dysfunctional breathing habits you may have, to be able to work on them.

If you wish, you can ask for a cover to cover your eyes or sleep bands to cover your eyes. There will be some music during the session, for you to easily relax and go fully into the breathing session. Your breath coach will anaylse your breathing habit and ask you to breathe in certain ways. This will be different for each client because the breath coach will analyse the breathing habits and ask the clients to practice the total opposite of what they are originally doing in their breathing.

The breath coaching sessions normally last for one and a half hours, may continue up to 2 hours according to your breathing habits. When the session is over, the breath coach will change the music and lead you into a deep meditation where you will rest for a couple of minutes.