Therapeutic Breathwork Certification – Part 3

Jim Morningstar
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Therapeutic Breathwork Certification – Part 3

by Jim Morningstar, PhD

Part 3 Level 1 includes the following Modules:
Day 1 – Anatomy of Breathwork,
Day 2 – Ancient Practices and Contemporary Applications in Breathwork
Day 3 – Ethics in Breathwork
These are 4-5 hour trainings
Completion of Part 1 and 2 is awarded with Level 1 Certification in Therapeutic
Breathwork after completion of in person breathwork and supervision components.
Completion of Part 3 advances credits toward professional Level 3 certification.
Therapeutic Breathwork Level 1 Certification Training Part 3
Advanced techniques of Therapeutic Breathwork are taught which train
practitioners to:
~ understand and use the body’s respiratory system in facilitating breathwork,
~ identify and correct improper breathing habits,
~ employ traditional techniques and contemporary developments of breathwork in healing arts,
~ know the roots of breathwork’s uses through world cultures and experience evolved applications for today’s practice,
~ cite ethical principles in working with non-ordinary states of consciousness,
~ apply critical thinking and heart centered decision making in ethically challenging breathwork settings.

Each of the days will have handouts sent ahead so they can be translated for participants before the training.
These webinars can be done in 4-5 hour segments.
Jim Morningstar is a clinical psychologist who was one of the first certified rebirthers in the 1970s. He is director of the School of Integrative Psychology and the Transformations Breathwork Training Program. He is the founder of Therapeutic BreathworkTM, authored five books in the field and is Co-directer of the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance.

Course Features

  • Duration 15 hours
  • Time
  • Day of week
  • Skill level Advanced levels
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