Professional Breath Coaching Certificate Programme PART 1 in LONDON

Professional Breath Coaching Certificate Programme PART 1 in LONDON

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OCTOBER 14-18, 2019


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The ICF accredited Professional Breath Coaching Programme

Completing this programme will place you in the privileged position of being able to give private breath sessions as a fully accredited and qualified breath coach. You will also be entitled to become a member of Nevsah Institute, where you can represent the institution as an accredited and accomplished breath coach and practise breath coaching in the school’s courses, workshops and private sessions.

The training is 146 hours in total. The whole programme is made up of 3 theory and practiculum parts, 3 written and 2 oral exams, 40 breath sessions with their detailed reports, 10 practiculum work in group breath sessions, 4 Practiculum Lessons and 3 practiculum work in Basic Breath Training. 

Training Part 1: PHYSICAL LEVEL 

You will be learning about WHAT A DYSFUNCTIONAL HABITS IS, WHY BREATHING CAN BE DYSFUNCTIONAL AND EFFECT OUR HEALTH. You will also learn about 200 symptoms that are caused, triggered or perpetuated because of these habits and HOW TO LEARN NEW, FUNCTIONAL BREATHING AND THINKING HABITS that will totally change your overall health. Our team will be working with each and every participant one by one, analysing and changing dysfunctional dysfunctional breathing and thinking habits using powerful coaching methods. 

Once your body/physiology learns functional breathing habits, you will have more oxygen in your blood, more oxygen in your cells and you will have more energy, vitality, better fitness levels and your symptoms that were cause because of dysfunctional breathing habits will be healed.


You will start working on your consciousness, the choices you make and how these choices effect your everyday life while working on dysfunctional breathing and thinking habits. You will start mastering on your thinking and emotional habits. You will connect with a BALANCED STATE OF MIND and be more AWAKE after this part. You will be able to stay at a TOTAL EQULIUBRIUM STATE instead of constantly bouncing between positive and negative thinking, feeling, shame, grief and guilt. You will EXPAND YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS and tap into THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF BEING through your own breath and power.

Training Part 2: Participants will learn about the fundamentals of breath and develop a the crucial theoretical and practical understanding of the discipline, including: the chemistry of breath; how the respiratory system works; how to activate breath; and how to analyse dysfunctional breathing habits and help people learn functional, healthier breathing habits. The final day of this section will include a practical assessment.

Training Part 3 / ONLINE: Participants will be introduced to the Psychology of Breath and breath coaching as an academically rigorous behavioural science. Lessons will focus on how breathing affects our chemistry, psychology, physiology and behaviour. This section will also include theory and practical examinations. Participants will also learn how to use educational capnography for further breath analysis. 

Training Part 4: participants will focus their attention on coaching, including: what coaching is; what it is not; coaching skills, coaching behaviours, powerful questions, and how to apply advanced coaching methods and techniques to breath coaching practice.