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This agreement is contracted between Educator on the one side and the Participant on the other side, under the terms and conditions set out below, in agreement with the Parties on the following terms.

Subject of Agreement

This contract specifies the terms of the service contract between Educator and Participant.

Privacy and Confidentiality Obligation

The parties agree and undertake not to disclose personality rights and trade secrets without the consent of both parties.

Participant's identity and address information, content and property of the program they participate in, personal information or special conditions shown up during training will not be shared with third parties as written or oral.

The Participants hereby provide their consent for their personal data to be processed and preserved in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act Law No.6698.

Participant may not record images and sounds of program, any participant, instructor or assistant during entire program or part of program. Participant may not disclose and share in the press, publication or the Internet. Participant may not share the documents and training program information given to him/her during the training with persons and organizations give same education.

In accordance with the Law of Intellectual Property Rights and relevant legislation, during or after the training with BREATHCOACHINGFEDERATION, all kinds of books, leaflets, booklets, brochures, materials, program of training and content of program distributed during training with the team or stand-alone and prepared by facilities and resources of BREATHCOACHINGFEDERATION, may not be transfer to third parties and Participant may not give education in this subject and may not use this information via the internet, written or visual media, or through social media  and may not share the information of the educator's professional secrets or information received during the training. All copyright (financial rights) and intellectual property rights on things that are in the nature of work or subject to any intellectual property rights shall belong to BREATHCOACHINGFEDERATION.

Indeed, Article 71 of the Law of Intellectual Property Rights No. 5846 states that "Any person who transmits, expresses, reproduces, modifies, distributes, shares any kind of signs, sounds or images with the public and sells, lends, borrows, imports or exports for commercial purposes, or holds or stores, except for personal use and publishes without any written consent of right owner, will be sentenced to imprisonment of one year to five years or judicial fine" 

Registered in the name of Breath Coaching Federation;

Numbered 2013 73735 and dated 03.09.2013 NATURAL BREATH

Numbered 2012 49968 and dated 31.05.2012 MIRACLE COURSE

Numbered 2012 49963 and dated 31.05.2012 BREATHCOACHINGFEDERATION

Numbered 2014 41167 and dated 15.05.2014 COURSE of MIRACLES

Registered in the name of Breath Coaching Federation Inc.;

Numbered 2008 59834 and dated 22.10.2008 BREATHCOACHINGFEDERATION

Registered in the name of BREATH COACHING FEDERATION INC .;

Numbered 2009 20922 and dated 27.04.2009 Breath Coaching Federation


Decree Law Nr. 556 published in the Official Gazette dated January 28, 2009, numbered 5833, amended by Article 3 of the "Law Concerning the Amendment of the Decree on the Protection of Trademarks on the Decree of the Law" "The person who produces or sells goods or services by invading the trademark of another person will be punished one year up to three years and a judicial fine up to twenty thousand days" Article 55/4 of the New code of Commerce No. 6102, effective dated July 01, 2012, states that "taking measures to confuse someone else's goods, business products, activities or businesses" is an example of unfair competition situations against Code of Commerce 55 and Article 62 of the same Law provides that “upon bill of claims” and  in accordance with Article 63 of the same Law and that the same acts shall be punished with "Unfair Competition Offense", the offenses shall be punished with "up to two years imprisonment or judicial fine", unfair competition in the context of the activity of a legal person it will not infringe the trademark rights in accordance with the legislation that entitles the legal person to be able to decide on security measures specific to them.

Parties keep continue to follow terms of the privacy agreement indefinitely after the end of their education.

Warning and Informing

Program does not promise and commit to improve any health problems, both mental and physical. Participation of those who have health problems is exactly their decision. Participating in the program is the participant's own choice. Educator has no responsibility in this matter.

Program is not intended for medical or psychotherapy treatment. Program leaders, officials and those who help the Program are not experts in mental health professionals, and there will be no mental health experts in the Program.

If the participant is in any situation like mentally ill during the program, it is advisable to discuss with program managers and consult a mental health professional immediately.

During the program, there is a break every 2-3 hours, and the participant may leave the room at any time.

In case that participant has a physical or mental health problem and gets medical assistance or mental health support, it’s mandatory to report his/her participation to people and institutions that he/she receives medical assistance or mental health professionals, before program and acts according to the recommendation. Participant also agrees and promises to notify the educator and persons in charge in writing of this situation and health problem.

Information about the program content can be given to be examined if it is requested by doctor or mental health professional diagnoses a health problem in order to examine an obstacle to participation in program.

If the participant has problems with medical aid or mental health, or those are interested in participating in the program,

If they excess stress,

If they have insomnia and sleeping habits and this problem affects their mental and physical health,

If any treatment is ongoing and participation is considered to be objectionable by the practitioners,

If they don’t feel physically, emotionally or mentally adequate or ready to participate, they should not participate in the program.

In case those problems are hidden from educator or program maker, all responsibilities belong completely to the participant.

Terms of the agreement become valid by signing this contract and questionnaire and other documents attached or accepting wishes to sign or participate in program and agrees to the terms and conditions on the internet or sending e-mail. Participant agrees and undertake in advance to act on his/her own without having any pressure, take his/her responsibility of personal, physical, emotional and mental health during or after program, responsibilities of practitioners and trainers of BREATHCOACHINGFEDERATION are only to present program and run the program regularly, apart from that educators have no commitments or responsibilities.

BREATHCOACHINGFEDERATION applications and trainees are completely free to modify applications and tasks specified in the program or contract, and add or remove new applications and work. Performing these doesn’t make contract invalidated.

Minors under the age of 18 can only be admitted with the approval of their parents or trustees. Signature of contract, questionnaire form and other documents attached to contract by parent or trustees, means that participant and his/her trustees and parent accept to follow all rules, take all responsibilities and approve by reading and examining.

http://www.BreathCoachingFederation.com is the official site of BREATHCOACHINGFEDERATION. Educator acknowledges how to use and share information about the participant and its importance for participant. This declaration contains explanations of the privacy policy. Participant accepts rules outlined in this privacy statement and undertakes to follow rules by visiting the web site.

Participant is requested to provide information on the registration forms and other documents and declarations requested to be answered, contact information (name, e-mail address, telephone number and postal address etc.), age and  if needed, profession, income level and whether he/she has a health problem or not. It is also required to provide financial information (credit card numbers). Above mentioned personal information may be used by Educator to provide programs and services, make payments, get in touch with the participants about the program and its application, update the information, offer and maintain the programs and services and fulfill accommodation and logistic services for 3rd parties and similar functions.

Participant’s IP address is used to manage the web site to identify server problems. IP address can be used to identify participant, gather general demographic information about the participant. Site records the login information to save participant trouble of re-entering every visit. (e-mail address) Site may use these files for tracking your service purchase, providing content related to the activities you may be interested in, and for other reasons connected with the actions you make on the site.

Gathered financial information is used to control participant condition and to invoice the goods and services. Financial information will never be shared with third parties without prior permission. Participant accepts that financial information may be given to third parties (banks, credit card companies, etc.) to perform the transaction when he/she purchases goods or services from the site. Participant accepts to be shared with banks, credit card companies, etc. Information to be shared includes all financial information required including, but not limited to, credit card number, expiration date, CVV2.

Links to other sites can be found on this site. Educator is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of these websites or the privacy policies and practices of third parties.

Site has security measures to prevent the loss, abuse or modification of information under control. Secure server software is among the best current software available or secure business transactions. This software encrypts your personal information, including your credit card number, name and address, and prevents it from being read while they are roaming on the Internet.

Site user does not store the last four of credit card numbers in participant's profile. Naturally, whole credit card numbers are sent to the relevant credit card company during service or other purchases.

Trainer uses physical, electronic and procedural safeguards in connection with collection, storage and disclosure of personally identifiable participant information. Security procedures mean that in some cases participant must prove his/her identity before disclosing personal information and that it can be claimed.

Participant will check the output from the system after using a common used computer. Trainer, or any employee or site administrator, will in no way demand that participant discloses his/her PIN number. To protect the security of personal information, PIN number will be protected and will not be shared. 

If the privacy statement is changed, it will be posted on this website. Unless otherwise stated, existing privacy policy applies to all information relating to the participant and account.

If there is any doubt or concern about the privacy declaration and applications or the transactions done, educator will contact via e-mail address for problem solving purposes.

Educator respects the privacy of all individuals who visit the website. Stated privacy policies specify what information site can collect and how it will use and protect such information. It also explains what should be done if site is visited and the collection of personal information is not desired, and how visitor can change the information given by the educator.

By using website, participant agrees to accept the terms of these privacy guidelines. If personal information is not provided to website, some operations may not be carried out.

Personal information such as name and surname and communication information such as e-mail address and telephone number will not be distributed to other organizations for any reason, and will not be used for advertisement, promotion and marketing purposes.

However, contact information such as the participant's e-mail address, phone number, etc. can be used to determine the member profile of the platform or website that the educator will generate by collectively providing statistical data.

In some cases, technical information that is not personally identifiable can be collected automatically (without registration) when connected to the website. These are information such as type of internet browser, type of computer communication system used, or from which website is linked to trainer’s website. In addition, IP information is also recorded.

Information can be stored on the computer in a "cookie" or similar manner. They can also be used to collect information about which sites are visited more frequently during a visit to the website. These are intended to help the website reshape according to the interests and preferences of visitors. It will remind that you cannot accept visit certain areas, or receive personal information by refusing cookies in the entered website.

Participant's Obligations

Participant comes to agree and approve for ensuring that program practitioners, organizers, trainers or their amateur or professional persons or organizations, including social activities, program activities and other activities outside of the seminar, educational activities or recreational activities such as voice recording, taking pictures with camera, taking pictures, making interviews, taking photographs, videos and interviews made in press-publication, newspaper radio and television or internet and social networking sites within the scope of this Agreement, without prejudice to any terms and conditions. Participant, regardless of the name under which, requires no compensation or nor fee for all of these works.

Limited number of people to apply, and any organization, booking, and other activities, including accommodation related to the program, must be carried out in advance, concerning this;

Participant will notify in writing or by e-mail the date on which participant wishes to participate when registering and signing the contract or agreeing to the terms and conditions on the internet.

By signing or e-mailing participant agrees to this contract, its attachment "BREATHCOACHINGFEDERATION miracle course participant survey form” and the given conditions.

If participant or parents or trustees whether participant is younger than 18 years old, undertake, declare and accept to read and understand BREATHCOACHINGFEDERATION personal development contract, additional BREATHCOACHINGFEDERATION miracle course participant survey form and other attached documents and information, health warnings, confidentiality agreements and also they accept and undertake to express sincere responses and follow all the provisions and obligations of the contract.

Right of withdrawal

Participant has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days, without notice from the contract and participating in the program, as required by the Law on the Protection of the Consumer No 6502 from the date on which the contract is signed or the acceptance of the contract is sent. If participant uses his or her right of withdrawal within 14 days from the date of signing or accepting the contract, no payment shall be demanded from him or her, and no penal clause shall be applied. Participant accepts and declares that he or she uses the right to withdraw by written or electronic mail within 14 days of the withdrawal from the signature date of the contract or e-mail to the program practitioner.

Duration of the Contract

Participant who does not use the right to withdraw within 14 days from the date contract is issued, shall be deemed to have agreed and committed to comply with the provisions of this contract. Contract provisions are valid for 1 calendar year and participant who does not use right to withdraw within 14 days from the date contract is signed or accepted, cannot use this right later. However, in the following conditions, as participant does not participate in previous works organized within 1 calendar year from the date of signing of the contract he or she may participate in any of the program with the condition of alleging an excuse.

Pursuant to the contract, by written or electronic mail, participant will be informed who notifies his/her participation at least 30 days prior to the commencement of the program, of starting and ending dates of the program, place, remuneration or balance amount to be paid in order to participate in the program and transfer details (bank name, account nr) to be implemented within 1 calendar year from the contract date. If total remuneration or balance amount is not paid within 7 days without giving any excuse or is not responded to the notification, participant forfeits the right to participate in the related program.

Participant may join one of the programs applied at certain times of the year, if he or she declares an excuse not to participate 15 days before the start date of the program.

If program in the date requested by the participant is not possible due to the intensity of the application, educator has no responsibility in this regard.

Unless Participant participates any program by  notified in advance by written or electronic mail within one calendar year of the contractual validity period with the exception of right to withdraw from the date of signing the contract and without any excuse, it shall be deemed as noncompliant and defective, payments made will not be refunded.

Transfer of Contract

Participant may transfer the rights, duties and responsibilities of the contract to another person by writing or e-mailing to program practitioners provided that the obligations stated in the contract are maintained. A new contract shall be concluded with the transferee only as to be valid for the remaining time of the first contract. New contract is the continuation of old contract. Starting date of the contract and legal responsibilities is the date the first participant has signed the contract or has accepted it on the internet via electronic mail. In case that 14 days have passed from the signature of the first contract or date of cancellation from the date of acceptance, person who takes over the transfer cannot use the right to withdraw. Transferee agrees to the terms of the contract, start and end dates of the contract. Written application for transfer must be made within 6 months of the date on which contract was issued. Contract cannot be transferred after 6 months.

Terms of Payment

Security in the online payment system by credit card is provided by the relevant bank secure co-payment virtual post system. During this process, the credit card information will not be recorded in relevant site system at all. Educator and staff cannot see credit card information in any way.

It can be done by bank transfer/electronic funds transfer to account of educator.

Commencement of the service procurement is not the moment when the participation is approved, but obligatory collection from the credit card account or arrival of remittance or EFT to Educator side accounts.

Notification Requirements

Parties hereby agree and acknowledge that the address, telephone, fax and mail information contained in the "BREATHCOACHINGFEDERATION Miracle Course Participatory Questionnaire" attached to this contract, as well as the agreement that participant has read and signed the contents and all its articles and provisions and obligations, addresses and all kinds of notifications to be made to these addresses shall be binding, valid and legal notices in advance.

Violation of the Contract

Participant acknowledges and agrees that declaration, acceptances and commitments of this contract are directly obliged on himself/herself, his/her all domestic and foreign companies, all of his/her partners, affiliates, affiliated companies, or any of its subsidiaries and affiliates, for example, by himself/herself, his/her family, partners directly or indirectly as total or insignificant for each infringement and participant accepts and undertakes to pay 10.000 EURO (ten thousand Euros) for each breaches of this contract as a penalty. 

Authorized Court and Enforcement Office for the Resolution of Disputes

Parties acknowledge and declare that authorized jurisdictions are Izmir Courts and Enforcement Offices in any dispute arising from interpretation and application of this contract.

Entry into Force

This contract consists of a total of 9 (nine) pages and 13 (thirteen) articles, concluded in 2 (two) copies after being read and accepted on the date of [..............] by the parties.

(All content, usage and legal rights of Miracle Course belong to Breath Coaching Federation.)

All content on this website is designed for informational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, alleviate, cure, or heal any disease or condition. Any information contained in the e-mail is not intended for therapeutic purposes.

Such information is intended to inform the recipient of the electronic mail and is not in the nature of health care. Information given should not be used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Diagnosis and treatment is a very serious procedure that must be done by a doctor. Please consult your doctor for any diseases or other problems that require treatment.