Professional Breath Coaching Certificate Programme



The ICF accredited Professional Breath Coaching Certificate Programme



Participants will learn about dysfunctional breathing habits, the triggers, reasons, gains behind these habits through detailed breath analysis, breath coaching, coaching, morning exercises, toning, body mapping, dyadic exercise, projection exercise, work on their own dysfunctional breathing habits and learn new, functional breathing and thinking habits. There will be lots of work on the level of consciousness, that will lead to self mastery.




Participants will learn about the fundamentals of breath and develop a the crucial theoretical and practical understanding of the discipline, including: the chemistry of breath; how the respiratory system works; how to activate breath; and how to conduct breath analysis and body mapping. The final day of this section will include a practical assessment.

Oral Exam 1: There is an oral exam the last day of Training Part 1.

Practiculum Sessions: The participants have to do 20 breath sessions in between Training Part 1 and 2.

Practiculum Lessons Part 1 and 2: The participants go over their sessions and their reports. Each bring 10 reports and go over their presentations about their sessions in each part. (20 sessions and 20 reports in total)

Written Exam 1: There is a written exam at the end of Training Part 1.




Participants will be introduced to the psychology and physiology of breathing and breath coaching as an academically rigorous behavioural science. Lessons will focus on how breathing affects our chemistry, psychology, physiology and behaviour. This section will also include theory and practical examinations.

Practiculum Sessions: The participants have to do 20 breath sessions in between Training Part 2 and 3.

Practiculum Lessons Part 2 and 3: The participants go over their sessions and their reports. Each bring 10 reports and go over their presentations about their sessions in each part. (20 sessions and 20 reports in total)

Written Exam 2: There is a written exam at the end of Training Part 2.




Participants will focus their attention on life coaching, including: what life coaching is; what it is not; how to secure a positive response from your students through asking meaningful and relevant questions; and how to deploy advanced life coaching methods and techniques to best possible effect.

Oral Exam 2: There is an oral exam at the end of Training Part 3. 

Written Exam 3: There is a written exam at the end of Training Part 3.


Basic Breath Training

Why is the Basic Breath Training right for you?

Simply put, this Course will change your life ...   We recognise that’s quite a claim to make. But the truth is that the Basic Breath Training was developed to stimulate holistic healing, help you break free from your dysfunctional habits, and take control of your destiny. In order to do that, however, you will need to be willing to confront your own inhibitions, not allow yourself to be treated as a victim, and be ready to accept exactly who you are. 

Don’t allow yourself to be defined by other people’s inadequacies, prejudices or lack of vision. You’re amazing, and we want to help you realise it!

This Course is not about waiting for some miracle to happen in your life. It is about taking control and creating that miracle for yourself!    So let me ask you this: what does a great life mean to you? Is it about being successful at work? Being rich? Having meaningful relationships? Being super-healthy and energetic? Being beautiful? 

Whatever your vision may be, we understand that, in order to have a great life, you need to be totally confident, comfortable and content with who you are.  

If you find that you’re constantly questioning life, thinking something isn’t quite right, or not quite as happy or relaxed as you should be, then you need to do something to change that! And quickly. We believe the solution is simple: change the way you breath!   Your physical, psychological and emotional well-being is inextricably linked to the way you breathe. Our coaches can teach their students how to identify their dysfunctional breathing habits; help them understand why they have formed these habits; address the underlying psychological or physiological issues that cause them; and, most importantly, learn how to push positively past them using revolutionary breathing techniques that are guaranteed to ensure those we help gain a new lease of life and, just as importantly, a fresh insight into their lives.

If you want to live a different life, it’s simple: you need to learn how to breathe differently!  And, yes, it is possible! You can be healthy and happy, and rich and successful, and have great relationships, and love yourself, and be fit, and be awesome, all at the same time. 

It all starts with how you breathe. 

With this course, you will be equipped with all the tools you need to help you become the person you want to be, living the life you want to live!   A new life, a new you, are tantalisingly close. With our help, your dream can quickly become a reality.

What 'Basic Breath Training' will do for you?

The greatest thing about this course is that the people who will be teaching you were once you! All our coaches have changed their own lives through participating in the Basic Breath Training. That’s the reason why they are determined to ensure you can, too.

Throughout the course you will be supported by an impressively expert team of dedicated professionals. You will be placed in a group of three and given your very own dedicated breath coach, who will work privately with you to make sure you get everything you want to out of the Course. So the tuition will be discreet and truly tailor-made. Your coach will be your personal breathe guru, teaching you the revolutionary methods that thousands of people have already practised, learned and benefited from.

After you finish this Course you will feel:

• Healthier, younger, fitter;

• Happier, ,more positive, peaceful, and emotionally stronger; and

• More level-headed, calm, confident and mentally supple. 

What’s more, by completing the Course, you will also have succeeded in:

• Tapping into your true spirituality;

• Addressing the negative behavioral traits you have over time unwittingly acquired;

• Assessing yourself and your lifestyle from a totally different, and more positive, standpoint; 

• Taking the crucial first steps towards rejuvenating your relationships, personal life, business and social life; and 

• Unlocking your inner power and “eternal will”, enabling you to achieve everything you ever desired

So what are you waiting for? Together, let’s change your life, one breathe at a time.

How does 'Basic Breath Training' work?

The course will typically be split into two or three physical breathing sessions every day as we seek to trigger a transformation of your body and mind!   We will begin each day by teaching you a series of exercises which you can then integrate into your daily routine. These methods will include:  

• Meditation; 
• Tibetan Five Rites; 
• 40 Days Harvest Plan; 
• Different voice exercises; and 
• Kundalini Breath.

These practical sessions will be suffused by knowledge sharing and insights from Nevşah and her breath coaches, leveraging a range of influential theories and teachings.  These will be likely to include:

• The work
• Human Design
• Breath and practice
• A course in miracles

This will also then lead into practising the techniques Nevsah has incorporated into her own revolutionary teachings, including the following:  

• Breath Analysis 
• Character Analysis
• Positive intention 
• Sharings 
• Morning exercises
• Voice exercises 
• Toning 
• Body mapping practice 
• Throat breath analysis 
• Dyadic integration exercise 
• Forgiveness exercise 
• Toning and voice exercise 
• Breathe Coaching under the water 

We are confident that, as was the case with the people who came before you, this course may well prove to be the most important experience you will ever have in your life – these four days can be truly transformative and bring you into a life-changing sense of oneness with the existential forces that can irreversibly change your life for the better – and for good.

Who can participate in 'Basic Breath Training'?

EVERYONE! It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman, or young or old. This Course has the power to help anyone who needs its structure and support. We can cater to your needs and tailor our teachings to you, so you get the most out of the experience, no matter who you are and what the goals are that you set for yourself. 

Course details

Basic Breath Training 1-2:

During the first 5 days, we will together identify and interrogate your dysfunctional breathing and thinking habits. After we have established and agreed what they are, we will then start to teach you the new breathing habits necessary to overcome them. This will become not just a coping mechanism for you.  This will, instead, be nothing short of a pre-destined redemption for you. In order to deliver this, you will be working in small and intimate groups of three, with one breath coach working dedicated to each group. 

By the end of level 2, you will have authentically re-connected with your natural breathing habits. The oxygen levels in your blood will start to rise, and you will feel an immediately enhanced sense of wellness, positivity and vitality in all aspects of your thinking and breathing. Negative thoughts and feelings will soon start to disappear. You will start to feel emotionally and spiritually re-fuelled, reinvigorated, and ready to be great again.

Basic Breath Training 3:

The final part of the Basic Breath Training will focus deeply on your sense of consciousness and well being. Part 3 is nothing short of a spiritual re-awakening. In this concluding Course module, you will at last discover all the answers you have been searching for and get to know yourself in a deeper, more clarifying and meaningful way than you ever considered possible.